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Dot My Awards Program has the primary purpose and mission of recognizing superior websites which reflect the webmaster's exceptional hard work and dedication. The webmaster does not need advanced technical expertise to receive our awards. Business, personal and award sites may apply and all sites must be family friendly.

Dot Notification: Effective 2012 - If you apply for our award you will receive an "Email Confirmation" of your submission and if your site wins our "Gold" award we will "Showcase" your site with a "Screen Shot" and site description from the winners page. Winners of our Silver, Bronze and Merit awards will be listed on our winners pages with a link back to the winners site.

Dot Winners: Should display the award graphic with pride. Reading all the pages of our awards program is part of the awards criteria. For some hints as to what we are looking for, please visit some of the previous winners of our awards. Winners will receive the award via e-mail. A link back to our site is not required and will be stated in the e-mail you receive, with the award attached.

Dot Our Upgrade Policy: If you wish to re-apply for our award or upgrade your existing Silver, Bronze, or Merit. Please wait the required 90 days from your last application date and ensure you have made substantial changes to your site before you re-apply.

Dot Our Ratings Policy: Our awards are issued at their current rating level. We do not automatically upgrade awards won at a lower rating and previous winners must re-apply.

Dot There are many award applicants applying for our awards. Reviews of websites may take from (2) two to (4) four weeks. All award applicants will be notified via e-mail at the completion of the evaluation.

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