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Dot To receive our awards we will visit your site three (3) times. The first visit will be to determine if your site meets our minimum criteria and is child safe. The second and third visits, we will be checking the structure of your site including the html code, content, color usage, load time, originality, creativity in design, navigation, grammar and spelling. Your site will be evaluated by at least 3 different evaluators, when possible.

Dot All applicants will be notified usually within 2 to 4 weeks of submission. All non-winners are encouraged to re-read the criteria and re-submit in 90 days. If you re-apply before the 90 days have passed, we will automatically delete the submission.

Dot We reserve the right to remove a winner's site listed if it does not uphold to JerryD's Award Program. This includes removal of the award your site received from us - as it is under copyright or the web site is no longer online, and-or linking to sites found containing Adult material or any sexually explicit material after winning our award. We also have the right to change this and any other page associated with our award program, including the criteria based on our Code Of Ethics requirements.


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