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Dot *** Our Awards Have Been Fully Optimized And Must Not Be Changed In Anyway. *** Dot


Dot Sites Must Have Their Own Domain. Sites using free hosting for their web site will be disqualified.

Dot Sites that apply must be written in English or have an English version.

Dot Personal Sites must not have more than one (1) Large Advertisement Banner on their main page and none within their award program.

Dot The Award Application Form Is Part Of This Criteria. Please Answer All Questions. In addition, all pages within the award program are required to be read before applying.

Dot All sites that apply for our award, must have an "Awards Gallery".  If your site does not have an award program, the gallery must be easy to locate and linked from your main page.

Dot Sites that take over our computer screen, preventing access to our web browser or keeps us from getting back to our site will be disqualified.

Dot We will not award sites found containing Adult material or any sexually explicit material.


Dot *** To properly view all aspects of this site will require at least *** Dot
Windows 98 (or higher), Macintosh 68K OS 7.x (or higher),
Macintosh PPC OS 8.x (or higher), and Unix Linux 2 (or higher)

Dot *** Best viewed at screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher - 16 bit or better color *** Dot


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